“Our mission at Southeast Georgia Vet Clinic is to passionately protect, promote and preserve the quality of life for our patients through progressive veterinary medicine and preventative care.”


Southeast Georgia Veterinary Clinic opened its doors December of 2004. The Clinic is located in beautiful Brunswick, Georgia at 104 Candler Drive, just beyond the I-95 Interchange at the junction of US HWY 17 and HWY 82. Clients should feel free to call us at 912-554-8388 OR 912-554-VETT with any questions or concerns.

We believe that our patients should always come first, and we are dedicated to meeting their needs.

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Positive Experiences at the Dog Park

Dog parks: they are great for socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation for many dogs. But certain dogs may feel threatened or anxious. Whether you and your dog have a good dog park experience or a bad one depends largely on your understanding of your dog, advanced preparation, proper training, and good etiquette.

Dangers of Rodent Bait

There are several general classifications of rodent poison (rodenticide) available over the counter.  The most common is one that prevents blood clotting called an anticoagulant; D- con being the most easily recognized in light of the recent bans on second generation anticoagulant rodenticides.

Canine Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is one of the more common tick-transmitted diseases found in the world. Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. When a tick carrying Lyme disease  bites a dog, the organism will pass through the bloodstream and typically enter the joints. Symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs include lameness, swollen joints and fever. However, since other diseases can also cause these symptoms, identifying Lyme disease in dogs can be challenging.

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